Visual Perception

Free - Follow a moving object with their eyes to help improve eye muscle usage

Look Again! (Lite)

Free - Improve visual discrimination and scanning skills by finding the right shape

Letter Cross Tracking

Free - Helps develop tracking skills required for reading by looking across to find the correct letters

Dexteria VMI Visual-Motor Integration Skills

$5.99 - Provides practice and improvement for integrating the visual-motor skills needed for good handwriting


$0.99 - Helps improve visual perception by requiring the individual to match cards based on particular attributes

Puzzle Planet

Free - Improves memory and visual motor skills with jigsaw puzzles 

P.O.V Spacial Reasoning Game

$3.99 - Helps develop spacial relationship skills by manipulating objects

$2.99 - Helps with visual motor abilities by having the individual cut with scissors

Free - Develop figure-ground visual perception skills by picking up different colored and shaped sticks

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