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Provides training to parents, students, attorneys, physicians and mental health providers in Special Education Law and School Discipline Law

Nonprofit, parachurch ministry organization that provides support and education to families affected by disabilities. A variety of workshops are provided and a complete list can be found on the website. 

SEAC assists families in a variety of ways including; IEP meeting preparation and attendance, records review, general consultation, workshops, and other non-legal education-related advocacy support.

Locations: Greeneville; Nashville; Memphis, TN  (423) 639-0125

STEP, Inc. (Support and Training for Exception Parents) is a non-profit organization that helps assist families in navigating the special education process with free services for training/information on IDEA, offering individual assistance, consultations, referrals, support services, in-person group training, and informational materials.

TN Hands & Voices is a non-profit organization that offers parent supports, parent perspective representation, IEP/advocacy support, community events, resources/ information for families and children who are deaf or have a hearing impairment. 

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Nashville, TN