Tutoring Services 

A non-profit organization that provides a place for children to grow educationally, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Johnson City (423) 434-2031

An online services that provides mobile educational services, whenever and wherever you need it most.

Nashville (423) 434-2031

One - on - one free tutoring over the phone

Nashville (615) 298-6636

An alternative education space from public and private schooling for individuals with disabilities. 

Nashville (615) 803-2217 

Educational assistance for children grades k-6 struggling in areas of reading, math, spelling, and/ or language arts.

Bartlett (901) 409-1785

Assists students who struggle academically, need more effective learning strategies, or struggle with social adjustment.

Knoxville (865) 974-6177

Educational center with a variety of services including one- on- one tutoring for children of all ages. 

Brentwood (615) 377-2929 Nashville 615-321-7272

Learning Matters provides one-on-one tutoring, can complete diagnostic and psycho-educational evaluations, school advocacy, speech therapy, and a support group for parents of children with learning disabilities.

Nashville (615) 739-0547

One-on-one educational services that focuses on the seven key cognitive skills necessary fro learning. 

Murfreesboro (615) 867-8717 Nashville (615) 953-8899

Reading and math academic services for children brith to 18 years old

Bristol (423) 797-4555 Johnson City (423) 928-6464

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