HealthCare & Dentistry

Memphis, TN - Le Bonheur Children's Hospital NF Clinic offers diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment for wide-ranging complications of neurofibromatosis and other neurocutaneous disorders.

Nashville, TN - The Vanderbilt Neurofibromatosis Clinic aims to provide a resource for NF patients and their families for the assessment and management of the many facets of NF and related disorders.

Winston-Salem, NC- TSPN is an association of counselors, mental health professionals, physicians, clergy, journalists, social workers, and law enforcement personnel, as well as survivors of suicide and suicide attempts that provides educational resources and counseling/support services for individuals struggling with mental health issues. 

Atlanta, GA - Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Center for Advanced Pediatrics has a Genetics Clinic that specializes in diagnosing genetic disorders in children.

Birmingham, ALThe Neurofibromatosis Clinic at the University of Alabama, Birmingham offers genetic diagnosing and clinical trials for individuals with NF. 

Louisville, KY - The Lee Specialty Clinic offers a variety of services with staff that are dedicated to treating patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their staff includes professional in the following fields: Developmental Dentistry; Developmental Medicine; Psychiatry; Physical Therapy; Occupational Therapy; Speech Therapy; Behavior Analysis; and others. 

Nashville, TN - Triax Dental provides outstanding oral health services to patients with special needs and specializes in caring for individuals with intellectual and development disabilities.