Legal Counseling 

Nashville (615) 445-8310

A Catholic charity providing many different services and programs, including basic legal counseling.

Chattanooga (423) 321-0403

An attorneys at law office that provides services to elders and individuals with special needs, with the goal to keep individuals as independent as possible. 

Memphis (901) 543-3395

Organization that offers legal assistance to low income families and individuals in need. 

Nashville (615) 298-1080

DRT provides free legal and advocacy services to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities of Tennessee. 

Nashville (615) 244-6610

A non-profit organization that provides free legal assistance for civil cases relating to disability and an individuals rights. 

Memphis (901) 523-8822

Provides free legal assistance and community education relating to various civil issues for individuals with a low income and or senior citizens. 

Nashville (615) 509-4677

A law firm which specializes in areas of Special Needs Trusts, Conservatorships, Wills, Special Education, and Social Security Disability. Provides free initial consultations and offers free seminars (statewide) to parents, teachers, and/or service provider agencies.

Jackson (731) 423-0616

A non-profit organization that provides legal assistance, community education, and referrals for civil cases relating to disabilities. 

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