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Welcome to neurofibromatosis tennessee

May 31, 2024

Dear Friends of NF Tennessee,

The Annual NF Tennessee Picnic will take place at Sevier Park in Nashville on Saturday June 22, 2024 from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM. Join your NF friends and families for great BBQ, crafts, games, the annual homemade dessert contest (!!!), and guaranteed great weather according to Skyler! We have got more room this year so the more the merrier! Please register at this link:

NF Tennessee Community Engagement Survey – Bring Your Great Ideas Out for a Try


Good ideas … almost everyone has some good ideas, especially relating to what is happening in their life, and especially the very basic everyday things. Neurofibromatosis is that kind of thing for about 2500 people in Tennessee. And then add to that family and friends, and add to that neighbors, teachers, coworkers, doctors, store clerks, waiters, even pets, and it becomes a whole lot of people. There is a lot of power in that community, and one of the most powerful elements is good ideas.

Here at NF Tennessee good ideas are the ladder we use to build community from. We are always trying to come up with good ideas. Yet, even better, we would love to hear what is important to you, and hear what your good ideas are. Our aims are to highlight and work on the most important directions that you identify as NF issues, and to try to generate some traction to set your good ideas in motion. Now not every idea is a good one, but every good idea that never gets said is wasted or lost. So please take 5-10 minutes and let us know what is important to you, and what your good ideas are, by filling out the NF Tennessee Community Engagement Survey here:


The survey has 18 statements or questions to respond to with a ranking from 1 to 5 based on whether and how strongly you agree or disagree. Then there is an open question so you can tell us what your best ideas are. 

It can be filled out and submitted online, or printed to fill out and mail to us at: NF Tennessee, PO Box 150661, Nashville, Tennessee 37215-9998.

Just think about it, … if you ask 2500 people and their families what they think is a good idea for people with NF there is a pretty good chance of getting way over a thousand pretty good ideas. Suppose out of a thousand good ideas there are 25 really great ideas ... Wow!!! 

So, don’t just think about it … help all your friends with NF and Do It!!!

Hope to see you June 22!

Paul Moots, for NF Tennessee

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June - July 2024

June 22 - NF Tennessee Annual Picnic, Sevier Park, Nashville 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM

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