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Dear NF Tennessee Community,

We are pleased to announce that NF Tennessee was awarded a local grant from the USA Today Network A Community Thrives Program!  This grant, in addition to our successful A Community Thrives/Mighty Causes fundraising event in the fall of 2020 and to several very generous individual donations, will allow us to offer the following programs in the coming year:


~ Our Second Laptop Giveaway Program.  The timeline for application will be from March 10th, 2021 until May 10th, 2021.  Winners will be determined on May 17th, 2021, which is World NF Awareness Day.  If you are interested in applying to receive a free laptop from NF Tennessee, please fill out the application below.  Feel free to send your completed application, along with videos or other documentation if you choose, to NF Tennessee, 4922 Roselawn Circle, Nashville, TN 37215, or to my email, We are looking forward to reading this year’s applications, and to choosing up to five winners of new laptops.


~ NF Summer Camp experiences. It is our goal to fund at least two individuals attending NF Summer Camps in the summer of 2021. See below for details.


~ The Many Faces of NF Portrait Gallery.  The artist, Rachel Mindrup, has been hard at work completing portraits for Tennesseans with NF. Some of her artwork can be found on our website, here.  We plan also to present some of the portraits in a live gallery exhibition in the coming year.   


~ And other new features coming to the NF Tennessee website will include a Guide for Newly Diagnosed Patients and Families and an NF Art Page.   


As always, we thank you for your support of NF Tennessee, and welcome any suggestions or comments from you.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us.


Stay well!


Elizabeth Wright

Vice President and Treasurer

NF Tennessee

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May 10th, 2021 - NF Laptop Program Application Deadline and

NF Summer Camp Scholarship Application Deadline


In 2020, NF Tennessee initiated our first NF Tennessee Laptop Giveaway Program.  In efforts to provide people with NF more opportunities to develop talents and skills that they can use all of their lives, and in keeping with our mission, we were able to provide new MacBook Air laptops to three individuals with NF.  In 2021, we hope to provide new laptops to five individuals with NF.

If you are interested in applying for a free laptop, please complete the application below.  If you need more space than is provided on the application, please attach separate sheets.  Feel free also to attach a video, poem, song, painting, or other style of entry that best suits you.

Applications submitted between the dates of March 10, 2021 and May 10, 2021, will be considered.  Decisions regarding recipients will be made on May 17th, 2021, World NF Awareness Day.


Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Street Address: ______________________________________________________________

Email Address: _______________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________________________________________________

Age: ________________

Do you already own a laptop?       Yes         No


Please describe how you would use a new laptop provided by NF Tennessee (for example, for college classes, for working from home, for starting a new business, for taking classes in a chosen field or skill, for community outreach, etc.).  Be specific.


Please describe the ways you envision having a new laptop would affect your life.


You can also download this application as a PDF or Word Document:





Mail your entry to:

Ms. Elizabeth Wright

NF Tennessee

4922 Roselawn Circle

Nashville, Tennessee 37215


Or email your entry to: or



In keeping with the mission of NF Tennessee, we are pleased to provide financial scholarships to attend NF camp. You can choose between two camps. Links are below. Applications are to be submitted by May 10, 2021. The winners will be announced on May 17, 2021 - World NF Awareness Day. 


Select ONE camp preference below. 


Option 1: NF Camp New Friends is supported by the NF Network. The camp is held at the Blue Ridge School at 273 Mayo Dr, St George, VA, 22935. There are in-person and virtual options, and they accept campers between the ages of 7-17. The general dates are July 10-14, 2021 with four camps to choose from. 


Please select the ONE camp you would prefer to attend:

  • Weekend getaway -- July 10-11, 2021

  • Five-day residential -- July 10-14, 2021

  • Hybrid: Weekend getaway and 3 days of virtual -- July 10-14, 2021

  • Virtual -- July 12-14, 2021

Do you need help with paying for transportation? 

  • Yes

  • No


For details, please visit this link: 


Please read the link below for information about the Covid-19 pre-camp requirements before camp: 



Option 2: Camp Kostopulos (Camp K) is supported by the Children’s Tumor Foundation. The camp is normally held in Utah, but will be virtual this year. 


Please select the ONE camp according to the camper’s age

  • Session 1 -- July 17-23, 2021 -- Ages 18-25

  • Session 2 -- July 24-30, 2021 -- Ages 12-17


For details, please visit this link: 




Please fill out the information below:

Camper’s Information

  • Name

  • Age

  • Address

  • Phone number (if applicable)

  • Email address (if applicable)

Parent/Guardian’s information

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Phone number


In about 100 words, please describe what impact that NF camp will have on your life. Try to be specific and provide examples (such as friendships, learning more about NF, and emotional support). If you prefer, please feel free to provide a video, poem, song, painting, or other media. Please add additional paper as needed.



Please submit the application via email by May 10, 2021 to 

Or mail the application to arrive by May 10, 2021 


Camp Scholarship Program

NF Tennessee

4922 Roselawn Circle 

Nashville, Tennessee 37215


You can also download this application as a PDF or Word Document:

If you have any questions, please email:

Thank you,

Pennie Brooks NF Summer Camp Coordinator

Skyler Moots NF Tennessee Executive Director

Paul Moots, M.D. NF Tennessee President​​

Elizabeth Wright NF Tennessee Vice President and Treasurer

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