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Dear Friends of NF Tennessee,

We hope you are having a great Summer! We have been working hard on the NF Tennessee website Resource Page with aim of building a resource list that highlights local Tennessee resources for patients and families in the NF community. It is coming along very well with the help of friends at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities. Ms. Sydnie Smith, an expert in this area, is leading the project. We have been looking for an opportunity to showcase this effort, as well as to provide a fun community activity...and what better way than a picnic!


Please join us and your friends in the NF community on Saturday, September 14, at Edwin Warner Park, Shelter 5, from 11:30 AM till 2:30 PM for a picnic with food, fun, games and more. Friends from the Kennedy Center will be there to meet with people to talk about the website project. And...for those of you who bake...there will be a pie baking contest!!! If you don't bake, well you might just consider it dessert....and it's all free!


We hope you will join us for some fun, some time to catch up with friends, and a chance to learn a little about the NF Tennessee effort. 

You can sign up at the Eventbrite registration site:



Please tell your friends...

Hope to see you there!

Paul Moots for NF Tennessee

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