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Laptop program

NF Tennessee always looks for ways to give people with NF more opportunities to develop talents and skills that they can use all their lives. One new way is our NF Tennessee Laptop Program.

Linus Pulley

“I am writing this letter to thank you for setting up the laptop contest. It was very kind of you to make a program for specifically NF kids. The MacBook Air I won from your contest works amazingly. It is the best computer I have ever had. Having this laptop will help me do my schoolwork more quickly and efficiently, and will help me follow my passion of editing. Again thank you so much.”

Teri Drage

 “I would like to start doing my own research on NF. I would like to also start an online support and daily chat room for patients, families, friends and loved ones of NF patients. I want to open up this world and reach out to others that are in my place. An ear to hear, a shoulder to cry on, a heart to understand, and words that encourage by people who really care and know the plight.”

Sharon Bonds

“I will use the laptop to finish my education by taking online classes to earn a Bachelor’s degree. I want a degree in Early Childhood Education because helping children has always been my passion. I can help them build a foundation that will help them for a lifetime. Getting this laptop will make me feel like I am helping make the world a better place by helping the ones that really matter the most, and that is the children.”

May 2020 Winners

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