Camps and Recreation 

Salt Lake City, Utah 1(800) 323-7938

Summer camp for kids 12 to 25 years old with NF. 

Camp New Friends 

St. George, VA (202) 476-5142

Summer camp for children and young adults with NF ages 7-17. "Campers participate and choose from a myriad of activities. Support groups and educational programs promote knowledge, skill development and social connections."

NF Family Camp 

Burton TX (972) 739-6086 

A time for patients to learn, laugh, and form meaningful relationships with other individuals with NF. 

Camp Conquest 

Millington TN (901) 545-2267

A week long overnight faith-based camp for individuals with disabilities and chronic illnesses of all ages. 

Open Doors Tennessee 

Knoxville TN (865) 437-7766

A non-profit organization offering camps and programs for individuals with disabilities. 

Camp Discovery 

Gainesboro TN (931) 268-0239

Summer camp for individuals with disabilities, ages 7-90 years old to gain experiences and form friendships. 

Thompson Station TN (978) 376-8062

Equine Therapeutic summer camp for individuals with disabilities, serving all ages children and adults. 

Nashville (615) 730-9370

A community of adult individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities that provides opportunities for social interactions and foundations to form friendships. 

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Nashville, TN