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Davidson county

Allied Health & Rehabilitation Services

Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech-Language Therapy, Rehabilitation Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis 

Nashville, TN - Project Play, LLC offers the following therapies: Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Feeding Therapy. They also offer psychological services, testing and counseling as well as specialty and customized treatment programs like that of social language groups, handwriting therapy, and interactive metronome.

(615) 832-8955

Locations: Nashville; Goodlettsville, TN -  SpeechPath Outpatient Clinic offers occupational therapy, speech therapy, and feeding therapy services.

Nashville, TN - National Seating & Mobility offers assistive equipment repairs and customizations.

Kid Pro

Nashville, TN - Kid Pro offers ABA services, speech therapy, feeding therapy, assessments, and training services.

Nashville, TN - First Steps, Inc. offers pediatric therapy services including Occupational, Speech/ Language, Physical, Feeding, and Aquatic therapies. They also offer an early intervention program.

Behavioral Progression, Inc.

Nashville, TN - Behavioral Progression, Inc. provides ABA therapy services, communication and language training, social skills and community training, behavioral support and IEP (Individual Education Plan) support and advocacy services.

Antioch, TN - Accessible Hope Therapy Center offers services that include ABA therapy, speech therapy, school consultations, trainings, and behavioral consultations.

Nashville, TN - Autism & Behavior Consulting Services offers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy that includes assessments, program development, parent training, early intervention, and school support services. 

Nashville, TN - Hope Autism & Behavioral Health Services, LLC offers ABA services for children and adults diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities. 



IDEA Info, Tutoring, School Systems, Post-secondary Education, Transition, Early Intervention 

Nashville, TN - Education Rights Project offers educational advocacy and legal representation to parents of students with disabilities that attend Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) in discipline proceedings, Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings, Support Team Meetings (S-Teams), and meetings for 504 Plans. 

Nashville, TN - Vanderbilt Kenndey Center Reading Clinic offers one-on-one individualized tutoring for children with learning difficulties.

Nashville, TN - Susan Gray School is an inclusive early intervention and preschool program for children with disabilities and typically developing peers.

Nashville, TN - Learning Matters, Inc. offers one-on-one tutoring, diagnostic and psycho-educational evaluations, school advocacy, speech therapy, and support groups for parents of children with learning disabilities.

Nashville, TN - The Learning Lab is a tutoring and learning-enrichment center that offers a variety of services including comprehensive educational evaluations, clinical psychology services, speech and language therapy, special education services, one-to-one tutoring, home school support, ADHD support, study skills classes, consultations to schools, and training services.

Nashville, TN - Illuminate Academy is a school that offers educational and behavioral services to children of all ages with varying diagnoses.

Nashville, TN - Vanderbilt University is a private, four-year, research university that offers various undergraduate and graduate degree options. They also offer the Next Steps Program, a 4-year inclusive higher education program committed to supporting students with intellectual disability.

Nashville, TN - American Baptist College is a private, four-year, Christian college that offers various undergraduate and graduate degree options.

Nashville, TN - American Baptist College is a private, four-year, Catholic, liberal arts college that offers various undergraduate and graduate degree options.

Nashville, TN - Knox County Schools are a public school system that offers educational services for children with disabilities or learning delays. They offer services that include the following: Educational & Psychological assessments, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Technology assistance/training, and Information about IDEA and Section 504. 

Nashville, TN - Belmont University is a private, four-year, Christian university that offers various undergraduate and graduate degree options.

Nashville, TN - Lipscomb University is a private, four-year, Christian university that offers various undergraduate and graduate degree options.

Nashville, TN - Fisk University is a private, four-year university that offers various undergraduate and graduate degree options.

Nashville, TN - Trevecca Nazarene University is a private, four-year, Christian university that offers various undergraduate and graduate degree options.

Nashville, TN - Tennessee State University is a land-grant university that offers a variety of graduate and undergraduate degree options.

Nashville, TN - Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology are vocational/technical schools that offer a variety of training programs to prepare students to transition directly into a career.

Nashville, TN - Nashville State Community College offers a range of two-year associate degrees in arts, science, and applied-science programs.

Nashville, TN - TEIS is a program within the TN Department of Education that is a network of nine district offices that offer early intervention services to infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families. They offer information about public and private service providers, early intervention professionals, family support organizations, and other groups that offer services to infants and toddlers with disabilities.

Vision & Hearing Impairment

Vision and/or Hearing Impairment Services

Nashville, TN - Tennessee Services for the Deaf, Deaf-Blind, & Hard of Hearing is a state office that ensures both state and local public programs and services are accessible to citizens that are deaf, deaf-blind or hard of hearing. They also coordinate information, public awareness, and advocacy services.

Nashville, TN - Tennessee Services for the Blind & Visually Impaired is a state office that ensures both state and local public programs and services are accessible to citizens that are blind or have a visual impairment. They also coordinate information, public awareness, and advocacy services.

Nashville, TN - The Tennessee Deaf-Blind Project is a federally funded program that informs and trains families, educators, and other professionals to improve outcomes for those ages birth through 21 with combined hearing and vision loss.

Nashville, TN - The Nashville Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind TN supports their community through education, advocacy, and support groups for persons with vision loss. 

Nashville, TN - The Mid-Tennessee Council of the Blind (MTCB) is a non-profit organization that supports persons who are blind through advocacy, educational outreach, and recreation programs.

Nashville, TN - The Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center is a Hearing & Speech Center that offers diagnoses and treats communication and related disorders, such as hearing, speech, language, and developmental or cognitive problems. 

Nashville, TN - Tennessee School for the Blind offers students who are legally blind with a residential education that helps to develop necessary life skills like orientation/mobility skills, use adaptive technologies, maintain independent living skills, and self-advocate.

Nashville, TN - Bridges for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing is a non-profit organization that strives to unite the Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing communities through programs for medical/dental, ADA info, employment, housing, education, social security, and advocacy among others.

Nashville, TN - The Brentwood Hearing Center is a comprehensive audiology center that offers services including diagnostic hearing exams, hearing aids, communication devices, and educational consultations for schools.

Nashville, TN - Project PAVE (Providing Access to the Visual Environment), within the Vanderbilt Medical Center, works with local education agencies and the Tennessee School for the Blind to meet the visual needs of patients, ages 3 through 21, who have low vision. 



Nashville, TN - Vanderbilt Kennedy Center's Volunteer Advocacy Project (VAP) trains individuals to become special education advocates to support families of children with disabilities.

Nashville, TN - Guardianship & Trusts Corporation (GTC) in a non-profit chartered trust company providing personal and fiduciary services to persons of all ages with mental and physical disabilities.

Nashville, TN - The Tennessee Justice Center is a public interest law and advocacy firm serving individuals in need of assistance with health insurance issues (TennCare) or SNAP benefits.

Nashville, TN - STEP (Support & Training for Exception Parents) is Tennessee’s Parent & Youth Training and Information Center that helps families navigate the special education process with training and information on IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), offering individual assistance, consultations, referrals, support services, in-person group training, and informational materials. 

Nashville, TN - Empower Tennessee is a regional Center for Independent Living (CIL) dedicated to improving opportunities for individuals with disabilities. They offer services that include: Information & Referral, Independent Living Skills Training, Youth Transition, Adult transition from nursing homes, Personal Care Attendant Program, Advocacy, Employment Community First (ECF) Choices Waiver, Legal Services, Peer Support, Community-Based Living Options, Supported Employment, and more.

Nashville, TN - The Special Needs Law Center is a law firm that specializes in legal cases for special needs trusts, conservatorships, and wills. 

Nashville, TN - Family Voices of TN is a program within the Tennessee Disability Coalition that offers a statewide health information center to assist families in navigating healthcare services and other various programs for children with special needs.

Nashville, TN - Disability Rights Tennessee offers free legal and advocacy services to help protect the rights of Tennesseans with disabilities.

Nashville, TN - Autism Tennessee is an advocacy agency that offers resources to support individuals with autism and to provide education. They provide autism orientation classes, autism education classes, social skills classes for teens, and an adult social group. They also offer transition training skills courses.

Nashville, TN - The ADA Compliance Division is responsible for ensuring that programs, services, and activities of the Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County are accessible to, and usable by, individuals with disabilities.

Nashville, TN - The Tennessee Disability Coalition is an alliance of organizations and individuals who promote the participation of individuals with disabilities in all aspects of life. They offer programs such as ADA Network (ADA implementation and enforcement strategies), Public Policy (tools, training, and guidance for public policy), TN Family Voices (training and assistance to families in navigating services), and Brain Links (services for people with traumatic brain injury).

Nashville, TN - The Arc of Davidson County & Greater Nashville is an advocacy agency of persons with disabilities, their families, and professionals that support them. They offer programs that include education & advocacy, family support, support coordination, future planning, housing, and employment. The Arc of Davidson County & Greater Nashville serves the following counties: Davidson, Bedford, Marshall, Maury, Montgomery, and Robertson.

Nashville, TN - Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee & the Cumberlands is a non-profit organization that offers legal assistance, community education, and referrals for civil cases in the following areas: Housing, Education, Employment, Social Security, Medicaid, SNAP, and more.

Nashville, TN - Law Office of Joy Nguyen offers legal services for Special Education, ADA claims, Social Security eligibility, and Conservatorships.

Nashville, TN - The Regional Offices of the Department of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities supports individuals with the direct provision of services such as assessments, training, and limited forms of interventions in a variety of clinical disciplines, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral services, and nursing/medical services. They also offer information on waiver applications and processes.

Nashville, TN - Metropolitan Action Commission supports Head Start which is part of a national program that promotes school readiness by enhancing the social and cognitive development of children through the provision of educational, health, nutritional, social and other services for low-income families and families with children with disabilities.

Healthcare & Mental Health

Healthcare & Mental Health

Nashville, TN - Health Connect America is a mental health care provider that offers the following services: In-home Family Preservation Services, Intensive Outpatient Services (IOP), Outpatient Services, Case Management Services, Autism Services, Therapeutic Day Treatment & School Based Services, and Mental Health Skill Building.

Nashville, TN - Park Center serves adults with mental illness and substance use disorders and offers the following services: Supported Employment, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Residential Services, Co-occurring Services, and Homelessness Outreach.

Nashville, TN - Tri Star Health is a network of healthcare providers that offer comprehensive diagnostic and medical/surgical services including behavioral health care, nutrition, eye care, neurology, laboratory services, orthopedics, and rehabilitation services.

Nashville, TN - Triax Dental delivers outstanding oral health services to patients with special needs and specializes in caring for individuals with intellectual and development disabilities.

Nashville, TN - Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center, Inc. is a comprehensive health care clinic that offers dental care, primary care, immunizations, mental & behavioral health, laboratory services, family planning, health education, and more.

Nashville, TN - Ed Perdue, DDS Pediatric Dentistry provides comprehensive dentistry and orthodontic care for children, teenagers, and children with special needs for 12 years

Nashville, TN - The Vanderbilt Neurofibromatosis Clinic aims to provide a resource for NF patients and their families for the assessment and management of the many facets of NF and related disorders.

Locations: Nashville; Madison, TN - Neighborhood Health is a network of comprehensive healthcare clinics that offers pediatric & adult primary medical care, women's health care, dental care, behavioral health care, homelessness services, and more.

Nashville, TN - Athena Consulting & Psychological Services, LLC offers individual counseling and psychological testing services. Psychological testing services include developmental or achievement testing to diagnose intellectual disability, giftedness, or developmental disorders such as autism.

Nashville, TN - The Community Health Access and Navigation in Tennessee (CHANT) program within the TN Department of Health, strives to help families navigate the healthcare system. CHANT teams provide enhanced patient-centered engagement, navigation of medical and social services referrals, and impact pregnancy, child and maternal health outcomes. In Nashville, CHANT is supported by the Davidson County Health Department.

Nashville, TN -  Interfaith Health Clinic offers medical care, dental care, pharmacy services, health education, and mental health care.

Nashville, TN - Centerstone is a mental health care provider that offers psychiatric and counseling services that include crisis intervention, alcohol and drug treatment, court services, case management, respite services, homeless liaison services, immigrant and refugee services, residential services, and assistance in accessing community resources.

Nashville, TN - Maxim Healthcare Services offers in-home nursing care, respite care, ABA therapy, IDD habilitation, and community services.

Adult & Family Services

Adult & Faily Services

Respite, Day Programs, Housing, Employment, Financial Assistance, Vocational Rehabilitation

Nashville, TN - The Department of Human Services is a state government agency that offers family assistance services including the following: Financial Assistance; Child Care Resources & Referral; Nutritional Assistance; and Medicaid/TennCare Application Assistance. 

Nashville, TN - Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee offers food services and supports for individuals in need.

Independent Opportunities, Inc.

Nashville, TN - Independent Opportunities, Inc. provides residential services as contracted with Tennessee’s Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD) such as the following: Community-based Day Programs, Behavior Analyst Services, Supported Employment, Facility-based Day, Environmental Accessibility Modifications, Nursing, Personal Assistance, Residential Habilitation and Respite, Specialized Medical Equipment/Supplies and Assistive Technology, Supported Living, Individual Transportation, Family Model Residential Support, Medical Residential, In-Home Day, and Semi-Independent Living.

Nashville, TN - Rochelle Center is a comprehensive center that offers the services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities that include day programs, employment, and supported living services.

Nashville, TN - Progress, Inc. is a non-profit organization that offers services for individuals with intellectual disabilities that include residential services, employment services, supported employment, ECF CHOICES, community-based day services, and transition services.


Nashville, TN - Friends Life Community offers services for persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities that include day programs, social clubs, life coaching, and career coaching services.

Nashville, TN - New Horizons Life Skills is a development center that offers services for individuals with intellectual disabilities that include residential services, supported living, adult day programs, job training, and supported employment services. 

Nashville, TN - Golden Life Inc. assists individuals with disabilities to actualize their dreams by providing the following services: supported living services; nursing services; private duty services; personal assistance services; community based day services; employment supports services; and transportation services.


Nashville, TN - Millar Rich, LLC provides family-based services for individuals with intellectual disabilities, specializing in serving individuals who are medically fragile, have severe challenging behaviors, have mobility impairments, or have a dual diagnosis. Their services include family model residential, community-based day services, supported employment, respite services, and nursing services.

Nashville, TN - RHA Health Services offers a range of services for persons with disabilities including respite care, intermediate care facilities (ICF), supported living, semi-independent living services, medical residential, family model services, community living supports (CLS), outpatient therapy, day programs, and Applied Behavior Analysis therapy among other services.

Nashville, TN - Goodwill Industries, Inc. is a non-profit organization that helps individuals with disabilities with employment training and job placement. 

Nashville, TN - Ladies of Charity in Nashville is a faith-based organization that offers clothing, food vouchers, and financial assistance services for individuals and families in need. 

Nashville, TN - Hope Services, Inc. offers respite care and in-home assistance for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Nashville, TN - Triumph Care, LLC provides various services for persons with disabilities including the following: Community Based Day, Supported Employment, Respite, In-Home Day, Personal Assistance, Supported Living, Individual Transportation, and Nursing.

Nashville, TN - Community Options, Inc. offers residential and employment supports for people with disabilities including persons with dual diagnosis of intellectual disability and mental health. Their services include residential supported living, personal assistance, community day services, and employment services.

Nashville, TN -Every regional Area Agency on Aging & Disability program provides services to older adults and other adults with disabilities. Their services include Public Conservatorship Services, SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistance Program), Information & Assistance. 

Nashville, TN - American Job Center is a one-stop career center that helps individuals obtain employment training and job placement by offering the following services: job search & readiness training, resume development, computer services, vocational assessments, and specialized assistance for older adults as well as people with disabilities.

D&S Community Services, Inc.

Nashville, TN - D&S Community Services offers a variety of services to people with disabilities and seniors. Their services include include the following: Medical Supported Living; Supportive Living; Community Participation; Supported Employment; Respite; Personal Assistance; Family Model; Behavior Supports; Occupational Therapy; Speech Language Pathology; Physical Therapy; Nutrition; Orientation and Mobility Services; Community Living Supports; Supportive Home Care; Independent Living Skills Training; Community Integration Supports Services; Assistive Technology; and Employment Services.

Nashville, TN - Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency is a social services agency that offers services that include respite care, in-home services, food services, and job training. 

Nashville, TN - Project SEARCH is a career training and employment program for adults with disabilities. They have multiple site locations across TN with sites at Vanderbilt University, Embassy Suites, and Amerigroup.

Nashville, TN - The Salvation Army provides financial assistance for utilities, rent/mortgage, and food for families in need.

Nashville, TN - The American Red Cross of Tennessee provides financial assistance for utilities, rent/mortgage, and food for families in need.

Nashville, TN - Urban Housing Solutions provides rental housing for eligible low-income families, older adults, and people with disabilities.

Nashville, TN - The Vocational Rehabilitation Regional Office supports the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program which is a federal and state-funded program that offers assistance to Tennesseans with disabilities to promote employment. Their services include medical, psychological or vocational assessments, training, medical services, job development, and job placement.

Nashville, TN - The Social Security Administration Office provides information regarding the SSI and SSDI application and process.



(615) 329-1375

Nashville, TN - Special Olympics Tennessee offers recreational athletic programs for persons with disabilities. They also offer health screenings with the Healthy Athletes program.

Nashville, TN - The YMCA of Mid-Tennessee offers a variety of recreational activities and programs including swimming, youth sports, and workout facilities. They also offer the Full Circle Program, a year-round program that provides school arts, sports and fitness classes, swim lessons, and summer recess to children with disabilities. 

Nashville, TN - Nashville Parks & Recreation offers a variety of recreational activities including athletic programs and classes. They also offer the disABLITIES Program which offers activities for individuals with disabilities. These programs include bowling leagues, Best Buddies, Special Olympics, day programs, and sports leagues.

Nashville, TN - Full Circle Art offers creative art programs.

Nashville, TN - Nashville Music Academy provides music lessons for individuals of all ages. They also have programs with instruments specifically formatted for individuals with disabilities.

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