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Legal Counseling

legal counseling

Nashville, TN - The Catholic Charities of Tennessee SNFRC is a Catholic charity that provides many different services and programs, including basic legal counseling.

(423) 321-0403

Chattanooga, TN - Chambliss, Bahner, & Stophel P.C. is a law office of attorneys that provide services to elders and individuals with disabilities, with the goal to keep individuals as independent as possible. 

Memphis, TN - The Community Legal Center is an organization that offers legal assistance to low income families and individuals in need. 

Nashville, TN - Disability Rights TN provides free legal and advocacy services to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities of Tennessee. 

Nashville, TN - The Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee & the Cumberlands is a non-profit organization that provides free legal assistance for civil cases relating to disability and an individual's rights. 

Memphis, TN - Memphis Area Legal Services, Inc. provides free legal assistance and community education relating to various civil issues for individuals with a low income and or who are senior citizens. 

Nashville, TN - The Special Needs Law Center is a law firm which specializes in areas of Special Needs Trusts, Conservatorships, Wills, Special Education, and Social Security Disability. They provide free initial consultations and offer free seminars (statewide) to parents, teachers, and/or service provider agencies.

Jackson, TN - West Tennessee Legal Services is a non-profit organization that provides legal assistance, community education, and referrals for civil cases relating to disabilities. 

Conservatorship & Special Needs Trusts

Conservatorship & SNT

Under U.S. law, conservatorship is the appointment of a guardian by a judge to manage the financial affairs of another person due to old age, physical, or mental limitations.


A special needs trust is a legal arrangement that allows an individual with a disability to receive income without reducing their eligibility for the public assistance disability benefits via Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Medicare or Medicaid. 

Nashville, TN - The Arc Tennessee is an advocacy agency that offers supports and resources for individuals with disabilities and their families. They also offer a Conservatorship Handbook and a Conservatorship Checklist with information on this process. 

Chattanooga, TN - FOSC Tennessee Pooled Trust offers services and supports regarding special needs trusts. Individuals with disabilities can fund their own trust which can be important to those at risk of losing their eligibility for government benefits (e.g. SSI, Medicaid) because of excess resources.

Boston, MA - ABLE TN is a savings program administered by the Tennessee Department of Treasury that helps Tennesseans with disabilities to save money to pay for qualified disability expenses. The program provides the opportunity to save and invest with tax-free earnings, and take advantage of low fees, 15 diverse investment options, and convenient online management—all to help participants maintain independence and quality of life.

Cookeville, TN - Each regional Area Agency on Aging & Disability program offers a variety of services to older adults and other adults with disabilities: Legal Assistance/Ombudsman Consultation & Services; Public Conservatorship Services; SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistance Program); Senior Medicare Patrol Program (Medicare & Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse prevention); Senior Centers 

Chattanooga, TN - Chambliss Law is a law office who assists in legal issues regarding: care coordination, guardianship, conservatorships, and long range planning. Their Elder Law/Special Needs team focuses on being proactive and is relationship- based with the goal of promoting independence in individuals with disabilities.- 

Nashville, TN - Ms. Nguyen’s law practice includes special education, delinquency, disability discrimination, special needs divorce , Social Security (SSI) and conservatorships.

Memphis, TN - The Community Legal Center offers legal services to lower income individuals and families. Their services include: Landlord/tenant disputes; Non-contested guardianships; Commercial contract disputes (including buying used cars); Wills, Powers of Attorney/Probate Estate; Non-contested divorces; Non-contested adoptions; Elder abuse cases; Advanced directives; Conservatorships, Immigration Law.

Nashville, TN - Guardianship & Trusts Corporation (GTC) in a non-profit chartered trust company providing personal and fiduciary services to persons of all ages with mental and physical disabilities. They offer conservator and/or special needs trust services. 

Kingston, TN - The Michael Dunn Center offers a variety of services to children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their services include: Early Childhood Intervention; Adult Day Program; Supported Employment & Job Training; Residential & Supported Living; Therapy Services; Nursing Services; Medical Residential Services; Family Model Services (coordinates foster care opportunities for families interested in caring for someone with a disability); Corporate Conservator Services.

Nashville, TN - The Special Needs Law Center is a law firm that specializes in areas of Special Needs Trusts, Conservatorships, and Wills. They offer free initial consultations and free seminars (statewide) to parents, teachers, and/or service provider agencies. They are also willing to travel to client's location.

Mount Juliet, TN - Vista Points is a non-profit organization, which acts as a trustee for special needs trusts. It also offers resources on establishing special needs trusts, educational programs, and referrals to attorneys to assist families with creating special needs trusts.

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