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Blog Post #13

July 2, 2023

Dear Friend of NF Tennessee,

              Summer is in full force and there are a lot of NF news and NF happenings to let you know about.


               May was NF Awareness Month and was the culmination of our best ever Laptop Giveaway Program.  Eight people were awarded laptops based on their applications, including their NF stories and future plans for using the laptops, that really made these awards special … almost as special as the people themselves. Congrats to AJ, Ali, Breanna, Krista, Mark, Natasha, Noah, Vincent!

                We are still taking applications for other individual activity grants, like art supplies, musical instruments, summer camp tuition, and more. If you have NF and have something special and exciting that you are eager to do, and that we can help you do, send us an application request through the website or write to us (see below), and let NF Tennessee give you a kick start!


                June brought exciting new developments also. Since 2017 NF Tennessee has had as its mission to help build a community for people and families with NF in the Tennessee region. Across the country there are other groups that been active forming NF communities like this for decades. Under the umbrella of the Neurofibromatosis Network a group of these organizations with similar missions have been working together to build a stronger NF community for everyone affected by NF. It is with a real special pleasure and pride that with the growth of our programs and the support of the Tennessee NF community, NF Tennessee has joined the Neurofibromatosis Network as a Member Organization. We hope the resources, knowledge, access to advocacy and other programs that the NF Network supports will benefit our regional NF community even more than they already do.

               Please take a look at the NF Network website ( Homepage - Neurofibromatosis Network ( ), and send a shout out to Ms. Kim Bischoff and the NF Network Board of Directors for their interest in the NF community in Tennessee. The NF Network has been the focus of the NF community in Memphis for the last 13 years with their popular annual walk in early November that is organized by Carrie Wylie and friends. We will help to put the spotlight on that event this fall.


                For the 6th straight year, the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center and the CTF will cosponsor the NF Patient and Family Symposium.  It will be on Saturday August 12, 2023 from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM CST. Once again it will be virtual. Last year the symposium attracted 81 participants from 33 states and 12 different countries. As you can imagine, they were eager to hear Skyler Moots present his update on NF Tennessee. This year he will do it again, including some great pictures from our recent picnic at Sevier Park in Nashville, which had great weather, as he promised.

                To register for the VICC-CTF NF Patient and Family Symposium go to:

If you have news or events to highlight for the NF community in Tennessee, please let us know. You can email us at:

or write to us at our new business address:

NF Tennessee

PO Box 150661

Nashville, Tennessee 37215-9998

Have a safe and fun Summer. Thanks all you interest and support. Hope to see you soon!

Paul Moots, for NF Tennessee 


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