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Blog Post #4

Dear Friends of NF Tennessee,

Even though 2020 has been such a hard year, the spirit of kindness and caring still shines in people whose lives are affected by neurofibromatosis.

Despite the hurdles that have come with the Covid19 pandemic, out including on this effort by NF Tennessee to encourage and support a vibrant NF community in the Tennessee Valley region.

The Laptop Giveaway Program was the focus of a fundraising campaign through the Mighty Causes and the support it has received greatly exceeded our expectations. A total of $5300 was raised. This more than doubles to funding for this innovative program aimed to help people with NF advance their life and career goals with technology. Our great thanks goes out to the 31 individual donors who made the campaign such a great success. The fundraising process continues with Giving Tuesday which will come up Tuesday December 1, 2020.

Looking for new ways generate interest and understanding about neurofibromatosis in the Tennessee region, NF Tennessee has had the great fortune to team up with Ms. Rachel Mindrup, an artist whose Many Faces of NF portraits attract so much attention by capturing the spirit and strength of people with NF, showing them active and engaged in life despite the hurdles that come with NF. Our goal is to build a gallery of portraits of individuals from the Tennessee Valley region. If you would be interested in having a portrait in this gallery please contact us at or at



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